Juvenile Possession Reform Bill 

CEIC NV continues to press forward with our efforts as an organization dedicated to representing the cannabis community and tackling those social justice issues that have continued to present disparities among African American/Black and Latino populations.  As 2021 legislation quickly approaches, we will be advocating and partnering with Black Joy Consulting to lobby and address policy we believe would benefit our communities.

During session we will be addressing policy reform by way of  Juvenile Possession, also known as BDR 360.  This bill will be championed by Assemblywoman Moreno, whom we are thankful to have as a community partner. 

According to recent statistics provided by the District Attorney’s office, the numbers are staggering, and continue to rise.  As of 2019, of the recorded 1009 possession offenses, 803 belonged to minorities who identify as African American/Black or Latino.  This is disproportionate of other youths, which often leads less opportunities and an increase in repeated offenses.

The specific language we will address will convey the notion that no minor under the age of 19 will be detained and sent to the juvenile detention center for a first-time cannabis offense.  We will request the first offense only incurs mandatory community service and substance use rehabilitation hours.  This will provide an opportunity to bridge the education gap and bring forth programs that will help increase knowledge of the use of cannabis in youth.

With this in mind, CEIC does not support a misdemeanor on the first offense to be issued to juveniles.  This type of response can lead to other trauma and difficulties or the minor in the future relating to jobs, education, and other life applications.  We intend to decrease the recidivism caused by the school to prison pipeline.  Our youth are the future leaders and citizens of this state, and they too depend on democracy and a fair and just system.  Moral consequences coupled with empathy and education will restore hope in our youth and communities.

Thank you for standing with us as we continue to break down barriers and seek policy reform.

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